The Vivaan Desert camp Jaisalmer
Explore the charm and tranquality of Jaisalmer


Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is one of the most rated reasons to visit Jaisalmer, an adventurous way to cruise through the deserts and witness the beauty of Jaisalmer while you can travel around the wildlife, dunes places, and deserts in Jaisalmer and glare at the insights of a village or a town. The suitable age for this activity is 8.

Camel Safari

When we talk about the Golden city in India, the first place that strikes our mind is the enchanting Jaisalmer city. Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, dune bashing, desert camping is few of the interesting activities here which attract a lot of tourist around the world. Rich in history and with a brimming culture, this city lies just at the Indo- Pak border. Spend your evening in the desert enjoying the cultural programs and the folk music will lure you away. Jaisalmer is embellished with lakes, beautiful temples, havelis and mansions clad in brilliant yellowish sandstone.

Dinner At Dunes

Relishing the local and international delicacies on the warm, golden dunes of Jaisalmer is an eclectic affair. Cooking with the homegrown organic ingredients, we promise you a night brimming with gastronomical delight and laughter. Choose from the menu or go for live cooking, we will create an experience tailor-made to suit your particular desire, or mood, anywhere on site. We invite you to spend dine on the dunes under the starlit sky while sharing the pleasant lore of the day.


Parasailing is one of the most thrilling experiences to indulge in, get a chance to experience one of the safest aero sports while you glide through the air and feel the air gushing around. Get a bird's eye view of the city decorated with ancient forts, colorful lanes, and witness the beauty of the exotic desert in the backdrop. Anyone above the age of 5 can partake in this activity.

Quad Biking

Experience the best quad biking in Jaisalmer. The Sam Dunes in the Thar Desert is considered as the best place to enjoy desert quad biking in Jaisalmer. Being located at the city’s outskirts, it makes the perfect point for indulging in sports and uncovering the golden sand of the desert in thrilling manner. It would not be an exaggerate to state that exploring the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer via four tire motorbike would be the most memorable adventure in the desert.


Paramotoring is a swift form of parasailing, using motors to navigate instead of being tied to a jeep. It offers everyone the freedom and experience of personal flight. The same paragliding wing is used along with a lightweight engine and propeller. With a paramotor, anyone can fly without a licence and costs much less than any other mode of aircraft.

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